About Atwells Avenue

Atwells Avenue is the cultural centerpiece of the neighborhood, with many famous restaurants densely clustered along it between Interstate 95 and Harris Avenue, but also containing a mix of other typical urban businesses such as numerous sandwich and pizza shops, convenience stores, and tattoo parlors. The gateway arch over Atwells Avenue near Downtown is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Providence. The LaPigna sculpture hanging from its center, a traditional Italian symbol of abundance and quality, is often mistakenly referred to as “The Pineapple” and has become the symbol of Federal Hill. Other important streets in the neighborhood include Broadway, home primarily to professional medical and legal offices, but also to the historic Columbus Theater now used for both movies and live performances. Other than a commercial and warehouse section in the area of Dean and Washington Streets, most of the rest of the neighborhood is residential, often catering to college students.

Most cross streets in the historic neighborhood between Atwells Avenue and Broadway are one-way due to their narrowness. A few streets remain paved with cobblestone.

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